There have been a hundreds of cruises roaming around the oceans and seas all over the world reaching to the different destinations like America, Thailand, Switswerland, Singapore, Malaysia, and a few lot more countries, but yet let get something different.

Christian Cruises

is another kind of 5 star, 5 diamond cruise carrying upto thousands of people. The most unique thing is that it is one of the major fully-rigged sailing ships in the world, which means it’s really a world class and a safe cruise ship.

Christian Cruise

covers the different kinds of teachings and other related religious activities. Before I forget, it was named after St. Paul, where Apostle Paul who used to have his talk during the cruise and holds different kinds of activities. The ship cruises across the islands of Athens, Patmos, Ephesus and Pergamum, thus visiting to the historical churches and other religious sites can be found on each of them.

Christian Cruises

also gives you the option to visit the very historic places of Malta, wherein home of the Paul’s anchors from Acts 27 & 28. There have been a few people to meet at that place such as the people who’d hand in hand help the propagation and the transformation of Paul, the pastor.