Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ramon Calderon

Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has been ORDERED by the board to stop publicly commenting on their interest in Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo.
United's threat to take Real to FIFA over their public pursuit came after the club's board demanded Calderon stop speaking about the United star, says El Mundo Deportivo.
On Monday, Calderon's brother, Javier, who acts as a club advisor, relayed the board's concerns to the president after crunch talks with chief executive Jose Angel Sanchez and vice-president Vicente Boluda.

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Walcott , great at the end of the season. Will be deployed on the right wing by Wenger. Does not react well to intense pressure and expectation to perform. In terms of his own development Arsenal being out of the Championship race in April allowed any focus on him to minimalise. It was then when he started to show his worth.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

web hosting

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Hull in the premiership has brought a bit of scorn and ridicule from all quarters - mainly from people who think they know everything about football but i truly believe some prem clubs will get a bit of a shock and dare i say lesson next season expecting Hull to do a Derby as they say without us kicking a ball yet!

pest control

Pesticides shouldnever harm us the humans, Especially if you will be eating vegetables from the garden, you won’t want to usechemicals to kill the pests. Luckily, for every pest, you canuse a natural means of repellent. Natural pest control is notonly healthier for you, your family, your plants, and theenvironment - it is cheaper too. Approximately 136 million pounds of pesticides are used every year in the home lawn and gardens of North Americans. This is just for individuals, not even for farmers (who actually use 1/3 of the amount as the homeowners). Most contamination and poisonings that occur originate from single family homes. It is very important to use methods of pest control that are healthy to surrounding life and the environment in general.that is why you get a lot of information here pest control. . .

Magic , dead or alive

*Destroyed* the Magic? I think that's more than a little strong! Games 2, 4 and 5 literally went down to the last minute!They have as good a chance as anyone to win the title now because there's very little to choose between the teams still in it. They're not my favourite, but I do like the Pistons - it seems much more of a team effort than any of the remaining contenders.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Land Rover Owners International Magazine

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Land rover

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Cyber monday

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Rest less night.

Yesterday was a bad day for me.Everything went wrong and abnormal condition were taking place .Really didn't sleep well and wad dreaming about my future .I was in stake at a particular movement and could not do anything .Its really difficult to work in the morning without a pleasant sleep .

Cheap China Hotels

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Can't take anymore of this horse crap from Leeds 1nbreds anymore, definitely not looking on here again until I come back on to gloat on Monday, and yes Weeds, this is on the Rovers site, not yours, as I don't even bother looking on there as I have never ever read so much self-importance in my life!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Casino Guide Review

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

jewelry 40

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Try to express yourself!

My humble and kind request to people is to express ourself to others.Many people fail at this point .I like to express each and everything to people .Am a person who will express everything to people .Without expressing our views to people ,they cannot understand our feeling and it will be an hidden treasure .So people try to express ourself to others ..

jesus and his sayings.

Being a Christian its really necessary to spread this this kind of information to people and my masters sayings.Love each and every individuals and respect your elders .Try to help them as much as possible.Try to avoid doing bad stuffs to others .Dont enroll others for your sins.Try to be happy and make others happy.Love your friends and family a lot.Love your mom and your mom happy and also animals.Do not hurt any living things in this world.Forgive those who plead for their mistakes .

Like to have chat with weird people

Hey guys am a really jolly person and very crooked at nature .my way of behaving to people are really different and interesting.I like to irritate people a lot and use to crack jokes and enjoy their happiness.I like to have a quick talk with people who are really weird and try to make them happy.People who are weird cannot be judged and cannot be predicted .Try to make others happy.

Parties at mexico!

Mexico is something i cannot forget .I love my place more than my soul and mind.Many people in the world like to have fun and enjoy life to the maximum but according to me i wanna enjoy each and every moment of life and love .Life cannot be predicted or directed it travels according to our destiny and fate .Mexico is the place were i had fun,had love ,life and everything.Please try to be happy and make others feel comfortable.

Settled down in west!!!

As weird as it may sound the culture clash that I've experienced this far, hasn’t been on account of me being from a different country. The westerners are most accommodating. The Americans themselves invited us and taught us their dance manners on one of our parties here. Strangely, it is the Indian communities that form their own cliques, mostly based on language. If you aren’t, at least make an effort to do so. Concentrate on co-curricular activities like paper presentations, mini-projects and any part-time research. Give GRE your best shot. Also, don’t commit a crime and get arrested (just in case). Hope to see you on the other side of the Earth

American beauty: my thoughts

During this one mystical two or three month period, every member of the family had enormous life-changing encounters / experiences that seemed to click together with other elements of the film a bit too perfectly. The fact that Benning was having an affair and, business-wise, was jumping into bed with the opposition at the same time that her husband (Spacey) was going through a period of liberation from a supposed prison of disenchantment seemed a little too convenient, wouldn't you say? Around this time, their daughter was going through her first serious relationship which coincided neatly with the disintegration of her parent's marriage. The whole setup of the story was as ludicrously contrived as the sidewalks and nature strips on their street.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My visit to milk factory!!!

Every time I drink a milk I always wonder how did it get bottled so well??This curiosity of mine lead me into the milk factory of our city.As I eneterd the building the smell of the milk and butter really hit me hard.Yet the place was extremely clean and air conditioned.I first was taken to the place where the milk was packeted and it came down the conveyer belt.The milk there was cooled with chilled water process. It was real fun the visit and .I came home with a great complimentary bottle of pure milk.

Paper boats!!!

The best thing about these rainy days is that these roads get really wet and you can make a lot of these paper boats.My friends and myself , get ourselves into these rain coats and cheer all our boats as they speed down these waters.faster!! faster !! would be the yell and we will cry with our full energy till these boats topple and tumble.Nothing matters to us not even the rain .We keep sailing them all day till the rain makes way for clear skies..

my visit to river bed

Am a person with different thoughts and views.This topic is mainly to prove myself to the outer world.I use to visit and hang out with my frenz near the river and have fun.Life cannot be fulfilled to the maximum. Many peoples desire are really different and some have different views.From my point of view love something attached to river.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

december festival

The one thing that I always feel proud about when they talk about ourcity is the December festival.This is the month of music and dance.Great musicians from all over the country participate in the program.Young and azspiring musicians try to grab this opportunity and they try to make it big in fromt of professionals.Most of the sabhas participate in these festivals.It is really a month ofpleasure and joy in our city!!

Trade show displays

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They also provide the banner stands and the truss. They have steel and aluminum truss and even custom truss at your choice. No one can deny that the lights and the display contribute greatly to the success of a product. It attracts people, therefore, draws attention to the posters and banners and help the sales.